The Secrets

Secret: something that is kept unknown or unseen by others

Until now knowledge and wisdom about planning learned through individual experience has been a secret rarely shared with others except through personal conversations and mentoring.

Information about planning is plentiful. Factual and procedural knowledge about planning is also readily available. However, wisdom about planning—the ability to make the correct use of that knowledge—is much rarer. It only emerges over time as a planner’s confidence, insight and resilience develop through making choices and learning from mistakes made.

Now you can access the wisdom and early career experiences of many well-respected and experienced practitioners in both written and audio formats.

As you read their stories ask yourself, ‘What would I have done in that situation?’

  • Secrets about gaining confidence

    “YES!” moments

    Senior practitioners reveal the workplace situations from which they learned a valuable lesson about confidence.

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  • Secrets about becoming insightful

    “AH-HA!” moments

    Senior practitioners reflect on the experiences where they gained a sudden realisation, inspiration, insight or comprehension about planning practice.

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  • Secrets about developing resilience

    “UH-OH” moments

    Senior practitioners share how they learned how to cope when something did or could have gone terribly wrong in challenging circumstances.

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10% of all book sale profits is donated to charities supporting the homeless.

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