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Inspiration for “Planning Secrets”

“Many of the really valuable lessons I learned about the practice of planning were gained on the job.

During difficult times in my career I was heartened to share and compare workplace experiences with other planners and to know that they had faced and survived similar challenges. 

I have vivid memories of the lessons learned early in my career. In the ensuing years there have been many changes in planning legislation, tools and processes, but the underlying challenges facing practising planners today are much the same as they were when I was a young graduate. 

So I decided to record my own early experiences of planning practice and add to them those of many senior and well-regarded planning colleagues, in the hope that planning students and new graduates might learn from our successes and mistakes.” 

Robin King-Cullen

Planning Secrets

Mastering the Art of Planning Book Stack 1“Planning Secrets” was developed to give access to some of these lessons and advice about the practical challenges faced by planners in the workplace.

All of the stories collected and the reflections of some of Australia’s most respected planners are included in “Mastering the art of planning – 100 stories from planning practice.”

Dr Robin King-Cullen LFPIA CPP

Robin Cullen KingPrior to establishing her training business The Planning Academy, Robin had nearly 30 years’ experience in rural, regional and metropolitan local governments. Her concern about the impact of the then shortage of qualified town planners across Australia led her to develop an accredited training course for para-planners.

This course was delivered through The Planning Academy in partnership with the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ). Robin continued to expand the range of courses delivered from 2004 until The Planning Academy was acquired in 2014. By this time it had become a leading training authority in statutory planning skills and development.

A Life Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA), Robin’s achievements have been recognised through being awarded:

  • PIA National Award for Planning Excellence (Cutting Edge Teaching and Research) in 2017
  • PIA National Award for Planning Excellence (Promotion of Planning) in 2012
  • Certificates of Merit in the PIA Awards for Excellence in Planning (Queensland Division) for her training programs in 2006, 2007 and 2008
  • Churchill Fellowship (community consultation in planning) in 1998.

Now in semi-retirement, Robin’s goals include giving back to the planning profession and serving the community.  She has a special affinity for people who are homeless and is a volunteer and contributor to various charities that help the homeless.

10% of all book sale profits is donated to charities supporting the homeless.

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